Useful structure, maximum efficiency!
We have implemented the Automated Vertical Storage System in order to prevent problems arising from transportation and storage problems and to create a systematic and regular delivery process.
Automatic Vertical Storage System
The procurement phase of industrial materials in factories and workplaces is a long and detailed process. ODIS, which was developed in order to reach the material as soon as possible when needed, saves the working power of the personnel and minimizes the material procurement process.
Automated Vertical Storage System, with its functional interior design, allows you to reach the product you need as soon as possible. It promises maximum efficiency in minimum space by eliminating storage and supply problems
With ODİS smart software technology that can be quickly integrated with most MES / ERP systems integrated with ODİS;
Measuring the weight of the products on the shelves Monitoring how long they remain on the shelf depending on the expiry date Comparison of stock quantities both physically and digitally features.
ODİS Industry is used in the following sectors:
Production Automotive Aviation Defence Energy Health ODİS Industry provides the following benefits to enterprises:
Cost savings Increased work efficiency Reducing the margin of error Better customer satisfaction ODIS Industry is an innovative solution that helps to increase the competitiveness of businesses.

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