ÜÇGE, which has innovative cloud-based software and adds a new one to sectoral technologies, continues to produce solutions with its new IoT electronic label system.

We set out to make price changes quickly and accurately in markets, stores and all sales points, to eliminate the difference that may arise between the shelf price and the cash register price, to increase the operational speed of the processes, to create a more efficient experience in the processes, to reduce environmental problems caused by unnecessary paper use and to provide maximum overtime efficiency to employees. Brands that prefer the ESL system can realise their multi-channel strategies without loss of time - satisfaction - profit. While providing a faster and interactive working environment for employees, the most up-to-date and detailed information can always be shared with customers on the label.

Why Should You Use an Electronic Shelf Label System?

Etikette En Doğru Bilgi

Current product and price information

The detailed information of the products can be adapted to the business model of the future, which improves the shopping experience by providing consumers with QR or NFC.


Turnover Increase with Rapid Price Change

ÜÇGE ESL Electronic Labelling System automatically reacts to changes in product information. Label information is updated within seconds.

Sınırsız & Doğru Şablon

In compliance with Label Regulations

Label designs in accordance with the official newspaper label regulation with flexible template creation module
olarak tasarlanır.

Şık ve Dijital Görünüm

User Friendly Application

Electronic label, with its stylish design and user-friendly interface, emphasises product and brand identity by using flexible templates in accordance with the official newspaper label regulation.

yüzde yüz

250 labels per minute

Thanks to centrally managed electronic labels, employee and company time is saved in product price changes. 10.000 labels can be updated simultaneously within 30 minutes.

çevre dostu

Zero Waste & Maximum Savings

The cost of all kinds of paper raw materials used in old labels is reduced to zero, eliminating the waste of time and money that occurs with every price change.

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