Multiple shopping lists in the Podino app
-Share shopping lists: With Podino you can share your shopping lists with your family members. This way, everyone can keep the list up to date and help each other during shopping.
Sharing shopping lists in the Podino app
-Barcode scanning: Podino allows you to scan the barcode of products and add them to your shopping list quickly and easily. This way, you won't waste time creating your shopping list.
Barcode scanning in Podino application
-Tracking household supplies: Podino allows you to keep track of your household supplies. This way, you reduce the risk of buying products you don't need again.
Keep track of household supplies in the Podino app
-Integration with meal planning: Podino can be integrated with meal planning applications. In this way, you can create your shopping list while meal planning.
Podino uygulamasında yemek planlama ile entegrasyon
Podino uygulaması, aile alışveriş deneyiminizi kolaylaştırmak ve daha verimli hale getirmek için tasarlanmıştır. Bu uygulamayla, alışverişinizi daha rahat ve keyifli hale getirebilir, zaman ve paradan tasarruf edebilirsiniz.

All Family Members are in a Single App!

ÜÇGE's innovative family shopping list mobile application can change your perspective on the rules of merchandising and home economics while organising your shopping experience. It can help you save time and money while making the shopping experience more comfortable and enjoyable.
With ÜÇGE's Podino app, you will discover how multiple shopping lists mobile app can help you have a better shopping experience.
Here are some of the advantages offered by the Podino app:
-Create and manage multiple shopping lists: Podino allows you to create separate shopping lists for each member of your family. This way, it is easy to keep track of who bought what and fulfil everyone's needs.