What is Blu.xone?

ÜÇGE systematically strengthens its position in the digital world and the future with blu.xone. One of the cornerstones of ÜÇGE's corporate philosophy since its foundation is the value of "innovation". ÜÇGE management, which leads the innovative roadmap in the digital transformation projects of the organisation with a visionary approach and a horizontal hierarchy approach, dreams and realises together with the whole team.

In the light of this value, ÜÇGE is implementing its new generation of innovation and technology-oriented smart products developed in its R&D Centre, addressing retail, logistics, industry and all sectors, under the roof of its new brand Blu.xone.

Where innovation is,

we are in!

Blu.xone increases the efficiency of businesses while providing customers with unforgettable shopping experiences with innovative products that transform retail. It creates positive effects on customer satisfaction and brand loyalty, allowing you to take a step forward in the retail industry. blu.xone combines technology and creativity to shape the retail experience of the future.

Creative and Innovative Smart Solutions

Smart Solution Provider


ÜÇGE, in the light of the values it has established with 48 years of experience, develops new generation smart products focused on innovation and technology, appealing to retail, logistics, industry and all sectors, developed in its R&D Centre, with blu.xone.