Reach the happiness of shopping!

Reach the happiness of shopping!

Family Shopping Mobile App

Family Shopping Mobile App

All Family Members are in a Single App!

The Family Shopping Mobile Application is a shopping experience that provides solutions to consumers.
The App can be integrable with many different e-commerce platforms and shop layouts.

Shopping Pleasure
Home Economy

The family shopping list mobile application offered by ÜÇGE with its innovative structure can change your perspective on merchandising and home economy savings rules while organizing your store shopping experience. 

The APP helps you to save time and money while making the shopping experience more convenient and enjoyable.

With ÜÇGE's Podino app, you will discover how multiple shopping lists mobile app can help you have a better shopping experience.


It helps you create an organized shopping list through the mobile app, makes it easy to know what to buy and how much to buy, and to pass this information on to family members or friends within the app. With the app, you can add products to your shopping list and categorize these lists according to the department or aisle they are in in the platform integrated stores – speeding up the shopping experience. That way, you won't have to wander around the store for long periods of time trying to find everything you need.


Ailenizin her ferdinin alışverişten beklentisi ve istekleri farklı olabileceği için alışverişi herkesin mutlu olduğu bir şekilde tamamlamak zor olabilir, özellikle farklı programlarınız ve tercihleriniz varsa.
Podino mobil uygulaması, tüm aile üyelerinin alışveriş listesine öğe eklemesini kolaylaştırır, böylece herkes aynı ekran üzerinden istedikleri listeye eklemeler ypaabilir. Tanımlanmış aile üyelerinin yapacağı işlemler üzerinden herkesin alışveriş listesine katkıda bulunmasını kolaylaştırabilirsiniz.

Bir aile alışveriş listesi mobil uygulamasıyla, Alışverişe gitme zamanı geldiğinde sizi bilgilendirmek için hatırlatıcılar ayarlayabilirsiniz. 


Alışveriş listenizdeki bir öğe azaldığında sizi uyaracak hatırlatıcılar da ayarlayabilir, SKT si yaklaşan ürünler üzerinden bilgilendirilebilirsiniz. 


Ailenizdeki alışveriş danışmanınız Podino ile tanışmadan bir sonraki alışverişinize çıkmayın.


Family shopping app; It can help you save money by tracking your expenses and the dates after the entry of the expiry dates of the products you buy. You can set a budget for your shopping lists, and the app will show you the total cost of the items on your shopping list, helping you stay within your budget.
It is the true mobile application to reach the best deals in the stores integrated into the platform, to consume the food you buy in the most efficient way without food waste, and to save on your shopping budget.
Food waste is a major problem for many households, but your Podino shopper can help you reduce food waste by keeping track of what you already have in your home. You can only add items to your shopping list when you need them, and the app will remind you of items that are about to expire or need to be used soon. This way, you can avoid buying more than you need and reduce the amount of food wasted.

The mobile app is accessible from anywhere, making it easy to keep track of your shopping list anytime, even on the go. Whether at home, at work, or in the store, you can add items to your shopping list or check your previous purchases. With this convenience, you can make shopping more manageable and enjoyable for your family.

While the software was being developed, it was designed with fun during creating and modifying shopping lists.

This solution was developed to provide better interaction in product purchases and provide detailed product directions.